Since 1999, World Relief Moline has served refugee populations from three continents and more than a dozen nations. During 2011, WR-M has resettled refugees from the home nations of Bhutan, Burma, Cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo, Eritrea, and Iraq. WR-M, in partnership with local churches and volunteers, walks alongside refugees for three to six months as they embark on a journey to self-sufficiency and learn to adjust to the new culture.

WR-M also provides some services to other immigrant groups. Many asylees and secondary migrants (refugees who have been resettled in another region but have relocated to the Quad Cities) from around the globe come through the WR-M doors for case management and support on their road to self-sufficiency.

Each population, be it refugees, asylees, secondary migrants, or other immigrant  group, brings unique traditions and cultural flavor to the Quad Cities, helping to create a region rich with diversity.