World Relief Quad Cities (WRQC) seeks to aid refugees in finding employment upon arrival in the Quad Cities. As part of our employment program, WRQC assists refugees in gaining employment through individual case management, job skills training, and ESL (English as a Second Language) classes through BlackHawk College.

WRQC partners with local employers to meet community workforce needs. Refugees arrive in the Quad Cities with varying skill levels; some are highly educated professionals while many others are skilled laborers. Refugees come to America at the invitation of the U.S. government; they are not only ready, but legally able to work immediately and indefinitely.

Are you a local employer? World Relief may be able to meet your needs.   

Free Employment Services & Fully Documented Workers We'll introduce you to the motivated individuals who have gained a reputation for stellar performance in local industries. Our candidates are internationals whom the U.S. government has cleared for permanent residence and work authorization. Refugees have demonstrated a remarkable work ethic that will bolster your workforce.

Employee Retention World Relief helps you retain your new employees by offering them extensive job counseling before and after hire. We thoroughly prescreen our candidates in order to provide you with the best applicants.  

Legality and Documentation Each of our candidates has a clean record and satisfies legal documentation requirements.

Recruitment Time and Expense World Relief eliminates the cost and difficulty of recruitment through our referral service. You tell us what you're looking for; we'll find the best match.

Employee Performance We want to see our candidates excel at your company, so we provide extensive job classes, language training, and  one-on-one employment counseling.

For more information about meeting your staffing needs, contact:

​Grace Fitzpatrick c: (309)738-5001, Employment Manager, 1852 16th St. Moline, IL 61265