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March 11th; 7-8PM CST; Join Us Virtually

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Hope is universal. It’s shared across every culture. And although we may be physically apart, our communities keep us connected. That’s why we’re inviting you to join us for an evening of cultural arts performed by your local refugee and immigrant artists, along with the World Relief Quad Cities staff and our partners. Cultural arts bring us together through the stories they reflect and the hope they inspire for artist and viewer alike. Come see artistic performances straight from the hearts of our refugee and immigrant artists, celebrate the diversity of our life’s journeys, and learn how you can inspire hope in your own community!

Join us on March 11th at 7PM CST!

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Meet the Artists


Alexa Swanson,  Folklorico en Vivo
Alexa has supported WRQC since 2019. She has worked with several of our families and assisted with Census outreach. As a recent college graduate, Alexa has dedicated her time to helping community members learn about resources as well as celebrate their own cultural heritage. Baile Folklorico is a fusion of traditional Mexican folk dances blended with intricate ballet postures. Not only does Alexa impress with her moves, but her traditional ranchero dress highlights elements of Mexico's vibrant, indigenous roots.


Eh Ler, The Karen Songbird 
Eh Ler is a refugee from Myanmar and a talented singer who won high praise throughout high school. Eh Ler has assisted several refugees within the QC Karen community navigate difficult challenges in America. The Karen community has suffered greatly from religious persecution, yet this has not silenced Eh Ler’s voice. She uses her angelic expression to represent her strong faith and love for her heritage. 


Aisha Naveed, Living in Henna—armony! 
Henna is a traditional body art that has been practiced for centuries in Asia and Africa for wedding ceremonies. As a statement of personal expression, these temporary tattoos require time and dedication but leave us with a beautiful image of the cultural legacy our immigrant communities have shared in the United States. Aisha has also offered a gift card for her services that will be available in our silent auction - her work may leave your skin, but it's sure to last in your memories.


Niang No, Introspection 
No Niang is a vital member of our team. As a new American, No Niang has blessed us with her insight, wisdom, and willingness to help other refugees find their path. In her free time, No Niang works on her paintings and drawings and actively participates in her Burmese Christian Church. Her work depicts images Myanmar from her perspective. Last year for the WR fundraiser silent auction, No Niang's visual arts were a high bid item - we can't wait to see what she creates this year!

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