World Relief Moline is a not-for-profit agency providing services to refugees and immigrants in Western Illinois and Eastern Iowa. World Relief’s mission is to serve vulnerable populations in and through partnership with local churches, agencies, and the community-at-large. The agency seeks to provide financial, emotional, cultural, and spiritual support to refugees – victims of war and persecution around the world – who are being placed in the Quad Cities. Our integrated refugee program is designed to assist refugee families in obtaining self-sufficiency and independence through services including resettlement, economic development, employment training and placement, English training, and cultural orientation. World Relief Moline staff and volunteers are qualified and highly capable of providing holistic services to refugees, resulting in successful cultural competence and integration.

WR-M began serving refugees in 1999 as a sub-office of World Relief Chicago. Soon after the creation of this sub-office, the need for a more complete, broad range of refugee services in the Quad Cities area became evident. Thus, WR-M became an affiliate office of World Relief, serving refugees as its own entity. Since 1999, WR-M has served over 1,034 refugees in Rock Island County. These refugees have come from Southeast Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union, the Middle East, Latin America, and the Caribbean. World Relief has also served (and continues to serve) hundreds of secondary migrants who have relocated to the Quad Cities.

WR-M as an organization strives to meet its mission to serve vulnerable populations in many ways. World Relief staff are lay people with an expertise in refugee affairs who partner with the American government, local churches, local residents and businesses to provide the life skills and encouragement refugees need to succeed. WR-M works daily within our walls and outside of them to provide for the needs of newcomers to America.

At WR-M, we work to provide refugees and immigrants with information pertinent to life in the United States. Within our office, WR-M maintains the documentation and fulfills the mandates required by the Department of State for refugees. WR-M provides housing, furniture, and household supplies for newly arriving refugees.  WR-M also assists refugees in registering for ESL (English as a Second Language) classes, training for and securing employment, and acquiring state benefits when needed. In addition, WR-M guides refugees through the process of obtaining a green card, provides lay counseling, and serves as a referral source for community organizations that may be of assistance to refugees and immigrants. Within refugees’ homes, WR-M provides cultural and community orientation and teaches refugees the skills needed to become capable, self-sufficient individuals and families in America.

In the Quad Cities community, WR-M serves as an advocate for the vulnerable, and works to create and support other advocates for refugees and immigrants. WR-M provides local churches, organizations, and individuals with accurate and up-to-date information on refugee and immigrant issues. WR-M trains, manages, and supports dozens of church partners and volunteers who, in turn, provide friendship, transportation, cultural and practical education, and emotional and spiritual support to refugees.

WR-M has been standing for the vulnerable for more than a decade.  Along with partnering churches, organizations, and individuals within the community, WR-M strives to come alongside America’s newcomers, helping them to replant their lives in the Quad Cities and build a better future for themselves and their children