World Relief Quad Cities serves immigrants and refugees - persons who have fled their home countries due to war and persecution. Many refugees have spent years in refugee camps abroad, and all refugees have come to America for a chance to start a new life. 


Each refugee has a story. Some have fled their homes recently, leaving behind family and friends. Others have been living for more than two decades in refugee camps, where they may have been without running water, electricity, or job opportunities. Many refugees have been immersed in a new environment and culture without the ability to speak the English language, making it difficult to communicate without an interpreter, move about the community freely, find employment, and feel "at home".


Our refugees come from all over the world, including Democratic Republic of Congo, Myanmar, Iraq, Bhutan, Thailand, Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Afghanistan, Burkina Faso, and Columbia.


Our staff depend greatly on volunteers, churches, and community partners to assist in welcoming newcomers to the Quad Cities and provide the support necessary to help refugees stand on their own feet.

There are many ways that you can serve your refugee neighbors in the Quad Cities. Click "Get Involved" to find an opportunity, and STAND/for the vulnerable.