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That’s why we want to help you discover how you might play a meaningful part live a life of even greater impact, as the hands and feet of Jesus, in the lives of hundreds in the Quad Citiies area.


We’ve made it easy to say “Yes” this season: 


1. Identify your passion

2. Discover your role

3. Be the hands and feet of Jesus

Your Yes! will help us continue programs and services like

Refugee Resettlement

Every day, 44,400 new people are fleeing their homes and their countries, forced out by violence and persecution. They are among the most vulnerable people in the world.

Immigration & Legal Services

Many immigrants need help navigating a complex legal system. You can help provide advisors and representation to immigrants and their family members in immigration matters.

Employment Services

Help refugees and immigrants with skills and resources to integrate into American work culture and connect employers to a workforce solution.


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